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These artworks show my passion for the inner wealth of Colours.
In every aspect of material life, I always intuitively notice Colour.
Photography is the technique to show my view of the world.
I paint with light, by dancing with my camera. It results in a metamorphosis: from reality to another dimension. A dimension in which Colour has her own stage. She transcends reality. The original shape is not important anymore.

C O L O U R I O U S   A R T W O R K S
blue | red | yellow | green | orange | purple | turquoise | pink | white | colourful

M A K I N G   O F  > view in short movie (Dutch spoken)

C O N D I T I O N S  > exclusive art : about the edition & technical specifications


* P O E T R Y *  Colourious & poetry : (NL) poëzie


* * * V I S I O N  2 0 1 7 * * * (Dutch) (een eigen mix van fotokunst en typografie verdeeld over 17 vakjes)

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Afke Kerkhoven (NL)
+31(0)6 29016237

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