perspective 2021

P E R S P E C T I V E   2 0 2 1

The artworks of Colourious show me the contrast of fluency and tight frameworks, organic like nature, and framing like man-made structures

I experience that opposites need each other, making the authentic power of one and the other more visible to the viewer

Just as in society, or in a team, that the individual becomes more visible in a world of differences

Everyone is unique, every living being is unique, and has made its unique manifestation in the world

For a long time, especially in the Western society, but also in tyranic regimes in the East, people had to be egalized.
Like frameworks. But each human being is a unique creature of nature. Like the unique mixture of movements and colours, shown in each Colourious photograph.

Frameworks = all equal
Artworks = one by one unique

People need foundation, and between boundaries they can explore, live, making movements.

C O L O U R I O U S   A R T W O R K S
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