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P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S   O F   C O L O U R I O U S



Colourious has a limit of 10 per image, no matter the size.
When you purchase a Colourious artwork, you will receive a ‘certificate of authenticity’. In Dutch, called: ‘certificaat van echtheid’




1. The artworks have a large colour gamut:
The colours in my photos have been digitally optimized with Colorativa-HDRP, so the strength of the colour is printed from a wider colour range than in ‘standard prints’.
2. The artworks are printed with UV-protected inks:
the colourprint gives decades of quality, even when exposed to direct sunlight.





Printed on dibond® & brushed aluminum.
I have chosen these materials:
1. the colour depth is optimally represented
2. the light in the surrounding space has a changing influence on it, giving the image a vivid appearance. (especially with ‘brushed aluminium’)
3. it has no frame





The images of Colourious represent movement, suggesting as if they continue in another space.
That’s why it has no frame and seems to ‘float in front of the wall’. This is possible because of a profile system on the back of the artwork.
The standard thickness of the profile is 2 cm.





In my experience : a perfect match with design and in modern interior.





Also suitable for rooms with humid conditions, like a bathroom or in the garden.



For a personal match with your interior…
Choose your own colours and I will design the fitting shape:

sketches, digital preview and result
bigger on screen? click on it!



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